Friday, May 15, 2009

Clan of the Sunset Moss

The Clan of the Sunset Moss, or Qod Etherhi, are only of founding
clans of the Chlendi settlements of the Rhiat. They are historically
notable for took the Chlendi crown in one of the few interruptions of
the Black Lily dynasty. After an occurrence of the Chlendi Black Pox
on the mainland, Iminir of the Black Lily Crown offered himself in
sacrifice to Paeglaphiis, Chlendi spirit of disease. Lacking a an heir
Iminir's cousin, Shokinnan of the Sunset Moss, took the crown and seat
upon the Crooked Throne. Shokinnan and his clan held title for almost
150 years before an arranged marriage restored the Black Lily to their
rightful spot in 1687.

Shokinnan was the founder Pugshlow, and the clan remains the rulers of
the region. The town's original border can be seen in a ring of swamp
graves 3 miles out. During the border skirmished with the Maetah, the
Etherhi claim pacts with a Chlendi War Spirit,
Itil-called-the-Vengeful. They claim the blessing of this spirit
allowed acid to pour from the heavens, destroying Maetah crops and
driving back their troops.

Shokinnan's ancestors still hold the manorhouse on Eel Row in Pugshlow
and remain remain suspicious of the Lelleivantli Lodge's incursions
and their alliance with the Infaux.

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