Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Codifying Magic Use in Uod

* Alchemy - achieving ultimate wisdom as well as immortality,
involving the improvement of the alchemist as well as the making or
conversion substances possessing omnessance qualities.

* Astrology - while including divinatory practices, it is also the
method of achieving change through attunement and manipulation of
astral/etheric forces. Astrology as a form of
divination is a perception of changes (often made by other
astrologers) in these forces.

* Conjuration - the magical art of evoking or calling forth spirits,
demons, or other supernatural agent to bring spiritual inspiration, do
the bidding of the magician or provide information.

* Consecration - the enchantment, dedication, or attunement of
physical objects or places.

* Herbalism - traditional medicinal practice based on the use of
plant, plant extracts, and other organic substances, and their use as
sources of omnessance. Also includes the use of tonics, humours, and
organ theory.

* Mysticism - this style is concerned with the flow of omnessence
through the natural world and attunement with it, and focusing the
mind and body in harmony with these patterns.

* Necromancy - a style encompassing elements of evocation and
divination, necromancy focuses on knowledge and conversation with the
spirits of the dead, effect garnered through ancestor worship, and
both the material and immaterial calling forth of the dead.

* Sorcery - General magickal study primarily through incantations or
dweomers. Comprised of five theoretical divisions, or Precepts: Bliss
(Atâm Ushre), Essence (Melani Ushre),
Knowledge (Sheira Ushre), Milieu (Osh Ushre), and Fury (Tzhakos Ushre).

* Shamanism - communication with, and the evocation and invocation of
the spirit world.

* Theurgy - Hermetic form of magick guided by meditation, self
discipline, and the invocation of the empyreal essense of one's self.
At the highest form, the Theurgist maintains contact with a physical
manifestation of the eidolon and moves toward henosis.

* Witchcraft - may be deprecated. To be detailed later, but often
involves dedication to the malign or uncontrolled forces of nature for
personal gain.

These styles are not explicit taxonomic categories; shamanism involves
some conjuration, sorcery involves some consecration, etc. Magical
forms, i.e. divination, evocation, apotropasim, warding, can be found
in most of the styles to some degree.

Culturally, use these of styles falls along these lines:

Maetah: Sorcery, Consecration
Chlendi: Astrology, Conjuration, Shamanism
Mindat: Alchemy, Necromancy, Theurgy, Mysticism
Heteri: Herbalism, Witchcraft, Shamanism

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