Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Guad Idols

In 2031, just a few years after the Dispersion of the Vaporous Host, a
humble artisan in Vedeldermoush presented the Mindat Emperor Guad with
a carved set of small wooden idols in likeness of the Imperial family.
So struck by their beauty and the carver's story of the time and care
that went into their making, he honoured the man with title and a
place among the court. Scant months later, the Emperor Guad, his
family, the artisan and most of the court will slaughtered in a coup,
and the palace sacked.

The idols were presumed lost or destroyed until one, that of the Guad
infant son, appeared in a trove hauled from a shipwreck off the coast
of Givos. It was passed on to the Preceptor of the Rais-Worm Lodge in
Bolog, who purchased it from a gambler unaware of its significance.
Study showed that the wood used in the idol was taken from a Sh'n soul
tree, probably taken during the artisan's work as a shipwright during
Mindat invasion of the Sh'n homeland. The carving depicts the infant
lying on his side, huddled around a lit lantern.

The Preceptor claims he has not aged a day since taking possession of
the idol, and his hair and nails remain the same length, even restored
each morning after a cutting. Curious about effects of the other
idols, member of his Lodge will pay dearly for any information of
their whereabouts.

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