Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miscellaneous Customs of Uod

* To seal a deal, a Heteri will spit into the dirt and grind or stamp
his foot at the spot.
* People of Eskla communities grab a stone or hand full of soil or
grass as shake it in the air as a curse.
* In Heteri towns, the sounds of arrhythmic drumming means a funeral
procession has started.
* In regions along the Red Coast (Balancont, Vennosat) small octopi
are the traditional entree at weddings and celebrations. They are a
gift from the Storm Mother.
* Maetah peoples and those raised in rural regions of Argaevaligne
will rub their face and arms with fertile soil to ward of curses and
dispel enchantments.
* If you soak the silou fish in a bath of brine and vinegar for a
moon, it will produce a mildly hallucinogenic beverage.
* In Heteri lands, the colour blue is used to fend off demons. During
periods of disaster, plague, or death, people will wear masks, hats,
and scarves of blue cloth. Newborn babies are wrapping in blue
* As a sign of shame, wrongdoing, or as punishment, Maetah males will
shave part, but not all of their heads. A shaved head is the sign of
a slave.

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